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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sustainable development in Bermuda?

Bermuda has a sustainable development plan commissioned by the Government and published in June 2006. I've just begun to go through it and also to familiarize myself with the primary environmental organization on the island "Greenrock!". A title chosen I assume due to the tendency to refer to Bermuda as "the rock".

So far I am encouraged by my efforts to understand the state of the green movement here. The plan calls for the creation of a governmental body to oversee development and implementation of an energy strategy and just today Greenrock!, who, headed up by Andrew Vaucrosson, support the sustainable development plan, is in the papers calling for the creation of an independent energy authority. See the article in the Royal Gazette.

An independent body would be free of governmental and industry pressure and bias, hopefully, and could steer the energy strategy towards more sustainable and equitable solutions. Currently, energy is a monopoly on the island. BELCO, the company in charge, has recently produced a plan for implementation of renewables, I have yet to locate and review that plan.

"Mr. Vaucrosson said that as new renewable energy suppliers come on board, Belco could ultimately lose revenue. The independent authority however, would also be able to assist the power company in recouping some of its losses. By setting up a multi-source grid, Belco could end up buying back surplus electricity from domestic homes powered by renewables.

"An independent authority can look at how to create a multi-source system to help Belco offset its losses," said Mr. Vaucrosson."

Do the plans call for concentrated solar plants, vehicle to grid automobiles, as well as microgeneration? I'll keep you posted on what I learn.

I have long believed that Bermuda is well positioned to become energy independent. Ample wind and sun, as well as offshore currents represent a huge opportunity. It is exciting to see such efforts as those mentioned above taking root. How deep those roots go I am hoping to discover.

Thanks to the Encyclopaedia of Practical Knowledge for the image.

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