What have you done today to lower your impact?

We are washing away the foundations of our existence on every front. It is high time we move from crashing about on the planet like a bull in china shop and find a way to go forward with intent. We must find systems of living based on sustainability. The systems and tools exist, it is up to each of us to adopt them.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Introduction to this blog - by Robb

I intend to use this blog to develop ideas about creating sustainable lifestyles within the context of modern society. I will discuss what sustainable living means to me and to those people I know for whom questions of sustainability color their daily experience of life.

Areas of primary interest include: personal health - issues such as diet, exercise, stress, personal relationships and balance; efficiency - getting the most out of the systems we interact with, making decisions that increase personal efficiency and the importance of shifting the emphasis of society from conspicuous consumption to efficiency; energy - implications of our energy choices, impact of personal energy use, viability of integrating various renewable energy systems into our lives, and methods for supporting the uptake of renewable energy technology in society at large; freedom - from debt, from guilt, and from corporate control of our lives.

I may range into politics and religion as I go along. Who knows? It is important to me personally to explore all aspects of sustainable living.