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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Transition Bermuda update

Our efforts to get a Transition Initiative started in Bermuda are bearing fruit. Our steering committee has grown by 1/3, from 2 to 3! We have expressions of interest from more and more folks and requests to present our short talk are starting to come in.

For those of you who don't know. Transition is about planning a path to resilience in the face of the challenges presented by the hydrocarbon twins, peak oil and climate change. We try to avoid debating the truth of both, rather to focus on practical actions that can lead to an energy descent action plan. One example is the nut tree project in Totnes, the first transition town.

When Totnes was looking for a project that embodies resilience and local economy they decided to become the Nut Tree Capital of Britain. Some of the trees are now bearing fruit. Here is an excerpt from Rob Hopkins blog, Transition Culture, on the topic;

"Over 100 trees have now been planted, most of them having a ‘guardian’, whose job it is to keep an eye on them. In one park, a line of 3 almond trees, it turned out, have begun to bear fruit!...Of course Totnes is not going to ever provide the bulk of its carbohydrates from nuts, but it could be a significant contribution. My mission for the next couple of weeks is to work out how much of a contribution the trees already planted will make when fully grown. It’ll be interesting to see how many more trees we need to plant! For now though I can relax safe in the knowledge that even if TTT ceases to exist in the morning, future generations will be able to feast on almond, walnuts and chestnuts planted during the early years of the great Transition."

In searching for an initial project for Transition Bermuda we seem to be in agreement that it should be focused on local food. I've suggested a linkup with the National Trust to establish historically authentic kitchen gardens on several of their properties. I'm sure whatever we decide upon will involve growing food as the majority of our personnel are involved in growing food at some level.

At our next meeting we intend to show the video "The Power of Community- How Cuba Survived Peak Oil". We'll probably also do our short talk on PO, CC and Transition if there are new folks present.

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