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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Bermuda Garden progress report

Today I leave for the US for a month. We've had fairly nice weather here in Bermuda but as usual for this time of year it has been very windy. We brought on our seedlings in some wine boxes that we could easily position around the yard to get sun but sheltered from the wind. Yesterday we transferred the last of the salad mixes, parsley, red royal lettuce, curly kale, lemon basil, jalapeno, bell peppers and some of the radishes into a raised bed I prepared earlier in the week.

Judy, the owner of the guest house, has been building a new raised bed out of the local limestone rocks. There is a dump nearby that only takes in horticultural waste and soil and composts it down. The resulting compost, mulch, and soil is free for the taking. We've now added about 4 car loads to the new bed and today will add the final load to top it off. I've also staked up the peppers to protect them from the wind. I used chopsticks we've saved from our sushi take out meals. While I'm gone Judy will plant and bring on more lettuce, onions, eggplant, spinach, swiss chard and regular basil. She'll also thin and plant the rest of the radishes, as well as build another raised bed and fill it.

In addition the leaf mould pile is growing while the compost pile is shrinking. It seems to break down faster than we can add to it.

This little experiment in urban agriculture is coming along nicely.

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