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Monday, 20 October 2008

Whew! At last an "energy expert" VP! - By Robb

Boy am I relieved. Now that John McCain has an "energy expert" as a VP candidate I can sleep better at night knowing that the US energy future is secure.

What with 45 new Nuclear power plants providing 3 QBtu's by 2030 and all that wonderful offshore oil he wants to drill for providing .5 QBtu's by 2030 I'm sure we will be just fine. After all, projections indicate that with business/growth/lack of foresight as usual the US will need a mere 118 QBtu's by 2030.

So, hmmm, that's 2.5% from 45 nuclear plants at the cost of how many billions per plant, $4.9 billion per reactor or there abouts. Not to mention the unknown costs of decommissioning and waste storage, two things we don't even know how to do safely yet. And let's not forget that the fuel is set to get really scarce in about 40 years which will drive up the costs considerably.

Thankfully if we allow the oil industry, those trustworthy fellows who have taken such good care of us up to now, to despoil our coastlines we'll get a staggering .42% of our needs there. And goodness knows if McCain follows GW's lead, which McCain reminds us he has done 90% of the time up till now, he won't even make his oil buddies pay any royalties not to mention the billions of corporate welfare those cash strapped good ole boy American oil prospectors deserve and demand from the taxpayers of America.

Yessirree I feel loads better knowing he's got an "energy expert" helping him draft his bold new energy plan.

To find out more and to see a plan that could really deliver us from all evil, at least some of the evils that have been foisted upon us up until now by the Republicans, check out;

Architecture 2030

Thanks to Architecture 2030 for the graphics and figures for this post.


Anonymous said...

I am searching villages and neiborhoods in Sheffield UK. My family and I are planning a move out and we are not sure where to start. Im sorry this has nothing to do with your web site you popped up while I was searching and you sound like you know alot about the area.
I am looking for a place close to schools and We love walking so can you give me any info on nice areas to live. I have 4 kiddos so just wondering where would be a good place to start looking.
Thanks for any input!!!

circusmind said...

I love the sarcasm!! I said the same thing about her. Energy expert my tail. The sad part is that millions actually buy that bs.

C Robb said...

I'd recommend the SW side of town, lots of parks, easy access by foot, car or bus to the moors and peak district as well as the center of town. Sheffield is a very walkable city with many properties for sale. There are plenty of quality schools, state and private, to choose from.
My wife and I do a lot of walking, backpacking, some climbing and camping and have found Sheffield and S. Yorks in general to be an excellent choice.

C Robb said...

It is indeed puzzling as to why folks are so willing to "buy that bs". I think people are so scared of change that they latch on to whatever promises that they won't have to. "Drill baby Drill" is a perfect example. There is no chance that more drilling will do anything except funnel more profits to the oil barons, worsen global warming, and compromise US energy security by deepening it's addiction to a finite resource. All the information is readily available to that affect but it requires that one be proactive in seeking it out as mainstream media is largely the tool of the status quo.
Thanks for commenting, sometimes I wonder if sarcasm is a good idea. It is good to know that someone appreciates it as I generally can't stop myself :-)