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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Organic food still the best nutritional choice

Recently the media has been trumpeting a report from the UK Food standards agency that ostensibly states that there is no nutritional benefit to choosing organic produce. Rodale institute has published a rebuttal to this interpretation. Apparently the data in the study offers no proof to support the claim of no benefit;

"The study, funded by the UK Food Standards Agency, formally acknowledges data
demonstrating significant nutritional advantages for organic. It said in its analysis,
however, that the evidence was insufficient, under its protocol, to proclaim organic
superiority.... The study accepted data from only 55 field trials, farm surveys and market basket
surveys of the 52,471 citations it identified with relevance to comparing nutrients (and
other substances) from organic and non-organic sources. Methods for rejection included
statistical methodology, unclear organic system verification and lack of specific breed/
cultivar identification. Some of the studies included were conducted before the creation of
current national organic standards. "

Their are added benefits of organic farming;

"The Rodale Institute has been comparing organic and non-organic practices for nearly
three decades, and released a report in 2008 explaining the regenerative capabilities of
organic agriculture as a solution to confront global warming. Organic production methods
are responsible for fewer pesticides and herbicides in soils and water, better management
of land, and food with little to no risk of doing long-term damage to our planet, its people,
and its biodiversity."

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