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We are washing away the foundations of our existence on every front. It is high time we move from crashing about on the planet like a bull in china shop and find a way to go forward with intent. We must find systems of living based on sustainability. The systems and tools exist, it is up to each of us to adopt them.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Employment opportunities presented through Transition

Check out the list of possible employment creation available to communities that pursue a transition initiative. This list is specific to Totnes in England but many of these will apply anywhere. Thanks to Rob Hopkins at Transition Culture for this table.

Employment Opportunities for a Post-Peak Oil Totnes and District

Employment Sector

Industry Type

Opportunities for Economic Development

Food Production/Land Use

Organic Farming

Farm workers, research and innovation, value adding and processing, retail, Community Supported Agriculture initiatives

Textile Production

Farming, processing, manufacturing

Organic Food Production

Training, freshwater aquaculture, organic gourmet mushroom production for food and medicines, intensive market gardening


Timber for construction and a variety of uses, sawdust for mushroom cultivation, charcoal, wood gasification, coppice products, saps, tannin, bark mulch, education, training, food crops, fibre

Urban Agriculture

Co-ordination, land access provision, edible landscaping consultancy, online tools for linking growers and consumers, large potential for commercial production, plant nurseries and propagation


Apple harvesting and pressing, hedgerow drinks and other products, education

Agroforestry systems

Design consultancy, planting and ongoing management, selling of wide range of produce, long term enhanced timber value, courses, publications, research


Edible landscaping, teaching, Education for Sustainable Development, food growing training, apprenticeships, bespoke Transition training programmes

Manufacturing and Processing


Salvaging building materials, processing and reclaiming materials (bricks, timber etc), making insulation from waste paper, glass bottles into insulation

Sustainable Industry

Renewable energy technologies manufacturing and installing, technology systems,


Extending the life of machinery, building for durability


Processing of locally produced fabric, hemp, flax etc, making a range of clothing for retail, and repairs


Materials reuse, refurbishing, resale to low-income families



Holistic healthcare, research into effective herbal medicines, local herb growing and processing, training for doctors, apothecaries, nutritional advice


Home insulation advice, energy monitoring, energy efficient devices, investment co-ordinators, sale of energy to grid or decentralised energy systems, producing wood chip/pellets for boilers, Energy Resilience Analyses for businesses

Compost Management

Collecting, Managing, Training, Distribution, Education, potential links to urban food production

Information Technology

Creation of effective software systems for energy management, carbon footprinting and much more

Hospice services / bereavement

Hospice services, supporting families who keep relatives at home, green burials

Financial Investment

Credit Unions, local currencies, mechanisms whereby people can invest with confidence into their community, Green Bonds, crowd funding



Opportunity to organise efforts throughout region, and parishes


Opportunity to gather information from the many projects and enterprises underway.

Education and Design


Wide range of opportunities for supporting ‘The Great Reskilling’, developing Distance Learning programmes, training for professionals

Sustainable Designers

Landscape architects specialising in edible landscaping, zero carbon buildings

The Arts

Art projects documenting the Transition, installations, exhibitions, public art workshops, local recording studios, storytelling

Transition Consulting

Working with businesses on energy audits, resilience plans, a range of future-proofing strategies

Personal / Group Support


Personal ‘Transition Counselling’, group support, community processes

Citizens Advice

Debt advice, housing advice, financial management skills, debt scheduling

Outplacement/Redundancy Support

Support, retraining, ongoing support and training


Print media

Local newspapers, small print run books on different aspects of the Transition


Online retailing systems for local markets

Film media

Online TV channels documenting inspiring examples of Transition in Action



Retraining builders to use local materials and green building techniques, improving awareness around energy efficiency in building, setting up local construction companies


Creating local natural building materials, clay plasters, timber, lime, straw, hemp etc. Growing, processing, distribution, retail etc. Locally made wallpaper.


Specialists in passiv haus building, local materials, retrofit advice


Low energy vehicle fleets

Marketing, maintaining, renting, chauffeuring


Selling, servicing, maintenance training, rental


Importing, servicing, taxi service, weddings etc.


Sourcing, processing, selling, training and advice

Biomethane/Electric vehicles

Fleet management, sales, leasing, car clubs

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