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Thursday, 7 January 2010

The scientists predicted more extreme weather and here it is!

As predicted, the longest coldest weather in over 30 years with temperatures lower than ever recorded in the UK. Could this be due to Global Warming? Seems likely to me.

Over at Climate Progress they've dealt with the foolish who in their ignorance that this suggests that some sort of confirmation of global Cooling! Here's a little excerpt;

"Robert Henson, author of The Rough Guide to Climate Change also has a good piece in the UK’s Guardian, “Snow, ice and the bigger picture“: The cold snap tells us little about climate change, but if you want something to blame it on, try the Arctic oscillation,” which notes:

What’s different now is that climate change is shifting the odds towards record-hot summers and away from record-cold winters. The latter aren’t impossible; they’re just harder to get, like scoring a straight flush on one trip to Vegas and a royal flush the next.

It’s also critical to remember the “global” in global warming. Even if every inch of land in the northern hemisphere were unusually cold, that would only represent 20% of Earth’s surface. There’s plenty of warmth elsewhere around the world. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data through November hints that 2009 may end up ranked as the southern hemisphere’s warmest year on record. For the planet as a whole, last year falls solidly among the 10 warmest years of the past 100. And despite all the talk about Earth having cooled since the late 1990s, this past decade trumps the 1990s as the warmest on record."

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CambridgeLady said...

I posted my own take on all of this on my blog a few days back. It is so frustrating to see all the sceptics gleefully blogging that the theory of AGW is effectively dead.

The first quoted paragraph is brilliant - really sums it up in terms anyone can grasp.