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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

EPA halts permitting of mountaintop removal mining

"I just want to celebrate...."!
"MTR takes place in the Southeast Appalachian Region, located in the states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a report in 2003 about MTR. Between 1985 and 2001, over seven percent of Appalachian forests were wiped out and 1,200 streams were either polluted or buried according to the report. An area equal in size to one-quarter of New York City or San Francisco, 800 square miles, was estimated to be destroyed in Appalachia. It is high time we saw an end to such a thoroughly damaging industry. " - Gina-Marie Cheeseman on Celsias

Long overdue, the Environmental Protection Agency has halted permitting of mountaintop removal coal mining. We've sacrificed large swathes of the Appalachian ecosystem, mountain communities to ash spills, health and quality of life in the area to truck traffic, explosive noise, and dust intrusion. All to satiate our unending greed for cheap energy to fuel wasteful consumerist lifestyles. The Bush administration encouraged this behaviour to insure our addictive ways, remember his advice to "go shopping", and blocked every attempt to behave responsibly towards the precious natural resources and heritage of Appalchia.

Now, a breath of fresh air is blowing away the coal sludge encrusted lobbyists and fat cats from the seats of power. After a review of the science on the impacts of MTR the EPA will decide how best proceed.

Thanks to Gina-Marie Cheeseman on Celsias for the image.

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