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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Composter made from recycled pallets

We've been living with our friend Judy in Bermuda. She has been wanting to start growing food again and has been burying her kitchen waste for some time. She has allowed me to start a compost heap in an old wicker laundry basket that the bottom has rotted out of. We got to chatting about expanding the composting operation and I mentioned that she could make a system out of recycled pallets. She thought she might like to buy one of the commercial products.

Off we went to the garden centers to price up plastic composters. The cheapest one was $270. That settled that. On our way home we stopped by the local bottled spirit importer and they gave us 10 like new pallets.

It's built in 3 sections so that as the first section gets full it can be turned into the second. This island is subtropical and produces lots of garden trimmings and leaves. The third section is for the manufacture of leaf mould, an excellent soil conditioner.

The second shot shows that partially filled third section.

The third shot shows the full structure, the box on the table contains my first plantings in Bermuda, some jalapeno peppers I found at the farmers market this morning.

The first shot shows how I wired it together and to the existing fence, also Daisy the cat acting in a supervisory capacity.

The first two sections will get some chicken wire on the inside to help contain the compostables.

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