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We are washing away the foundations of our existence on every front. It is high time we move from crashing about on the planet like a bull in china shop and find a way to go forward with intent. We must find systems of living based on sustainability. The systems and tools exist, it is up to each of us to adopt them.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The EPA is at it again! - by Robb

It still astounds me the depths to which the Bush administration will sink to to delude the American people! Once again the agency charged with the protection of the environment has resorted to obfuscation and a complete lack of decency when owning up to it's behaviour. It

"has ordered employees not to talk to internal auditors, Congress or the media".

Apparently the truth is too scary for the American people to handle, or is it that they no longer have the right in corporate America to know the truth about what their lobbyist controlled government is up to?

Senator Boxer has stated,

"Stephen Johnson is turning the EPA into a secretive, dangerous ally of polluters instead of a leader in the effort to protect the health and safety of the American people".

Check out more details in the Guardian article on the subject.

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