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Friday, 14 September 2012

rainwater harvesting tanks in place

In response to a comment from Sharon, here is a shot of the rainwater tanks in place. You can see two of the 1550 gallon tanks, the third is to the left, sheltered under the deck. I've filled the spaces between the tanks and the house with styrofoam from the neighborhood waste stream as well as layered waste styrofoam sheets on top to prevent freezing. The intake system is visible with roof washer to the right, there is another one from the other side of the house as well. There are also 3 500 gallon tanks elsewhere for backup storage. More details to follow.


Kim Whitley-Gaynor said...

We just installed a rainwater tank also: http://livingvintageco.com/category/homesteading/rainwater-harvesting/. We chose to go with 2,500 gallon cistern.

Do you accept guest posts? If so, I'm happy to write a post.



amprotec said...

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Calyxto Uy said...

wow.. that was a good idea... I must try it in our house too..
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