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Friday, 20 May 2011

work interrupted.....for a baby bird

We were jamming today, getting the sweet potatoe bed ready for planting, going to do some mowing, etc, etc, ... when all of a sudden I saw it, a little yellow mouth turned upward to the sky,

right where I was about to drop some landscaping stone, yikes! ALL STOP! we've got a baby bird alert. Let's see if we can find the nest he dropped out of, leaned a ladder against the tree and went up about 10 feet, no luck, get a longer ladder, go up 15 feet, no luck. Removed the ladder and peered up one last time before trying to find someone who takes in baby birds, and there it is, just above head height and hanging half out of the tree. So I get the step ladder and have a look,

there is another little one, hunkered down trying not to fall out.

So I level out the nest and wire it in for safety, Jacq hands me up the little one, after a quick snack on a worm, and back in he goes. Eventually we saw a bird going into the nest, but too quickly to ID.We'll keep an eye out to try to make sure they haven't been abandoned and to ID them as well.
Now were were we....... Ah yes, load the mower in the car and off we go.......

We had a similar experience last May after we moved in with a baby cardinal,


Anonymous said...

Aww. Poor little fella. You will have to keep a photo log now!

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